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Are you or your children seeing "ghosts"? Are things moving around the house without you touching them? Are you hearing taps or strange noises? Or voices? Well, DON'T BE AFRAID. In all probability it is either some relation of yours, or someone who has lived in the house, trying to make their presence felt. Children can often be very mediumistic, and they may be aware of things that you cannot see. They may describe grandparents that they have never seen in the body. Tell them it is ok. It's probably their grandparent letting the child know they love them. If it is someone who has lived in the house, this may be a different story. They may be what we would call an earthbound spirit, someone whose mind was so centred on the material things in life, that they cannot let go and have not been able to pass properly into the spirit realms. There is still no reason to be afraid, but this spirit needs help.

In these cases (or if you want advice on any experience or occurrence), East Midlands District Council of the SNU has a specialists  who deal specifically with all Phenomena within the region. To request assistance or advice, please contact Minister Myrrha Hibbert on 0115 964 2171 as initial point-of-contact for all churches.

The SNU are currently reviewing the booklet called 'Have you seen a Ghost?'. Once it is re-issued you will be able to Click here to download a copy in Multi-page TIFF format. If you having difficulty viewing the booklet in your browser, right mouse click the link and select 'save as' to view the file from your PC.

For copies of case forms, please click the appropriate link:
Phenomena Disturbance Interview Form (requires Microsoft Publisher installed)
Phenomena Disturbance Interview Form Page 1 & Page 2 (non-Publisher users)
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